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  2014 TDF

This years festival was a great success and the best ever! We had a full house every night - that means 117 people. watched 17 main programme films, we added an extra late night session to accommodate quite a few extra films that we either got late or just couldn't fit into the programme. The Audience Favorite Prize was awarded to the moving Black Day to Freedom an animated film by the rising star of motion graphics - Rob Chiu, his website is at See the film here, congratulations from all of us - there is a silver tankard with your name on behind the bar! Second place was the motion capture film Particle Man by Kirk Woolford and Third was shared by the skateboardtastic Four Wheels Down and the excellent story 20/20. A special mention should also be made that the audience voted Anvil Studios by Alan Hanwell fourth, we hope he doesn't mind us mentioning that he is 78 years old and made this hilarious single shot film on a consumer digital camera with a movie function! Not only that but it was his first film too!

Cannes has its scampi, Berlin its beer, Edinburgh its warm welcome. At Langsett we have all these and a load of films!

This year we asked for open submissions and the response was fantastic; film-makers aged 5 to 78, professionals, artists and amateurs, both local and international responded. Many of last years film makers submitted this time and the standard keeps getting better. Again we awarded the Audience Favourite Film Tankard, as voted by the audience. Who enjoyed an eclectic mix of drama, documentary, comedy and experimental films and for the first time interactive multimedia work.

Our aim as always is to appeal to a mixed audience with a wide range of films that embrace every aspect of film-making talent. Last year our great success was local band Wagen who were invited to play at the Royal Opera House as a result of their film.

We would like to thank all the film-makers and the audience. For their invaluable technical expertise Igloo, mptye and Langsett Community Media and of course our hosts - everyone at the Waggon & Horses.

LIFF want to hear from you. If you have any suggestions on how to make the event better, or want to be kept up-to-date with everything that is happening at Langsett, or want to join our mailing list - let us know at

WP - World Premiere

Anvil Studios WP

Using a digital stills camera and shot in a single take, a new studio presents: “Some song and dance, with a cast of four - My Grandfather, Major Peregrine Parkhurst, our pro-active Camera man and me.”

Director: Alan Hanwell / 2:50 minutes / 2005 / Yorkshire
Unfairground Ride

An experimental camera in a ball enables an extraordinary view of performer Tiago Gambogi.

Director: Lizze Sykes / 2:07 minutes / 2005 / The South

Mysterious Michael A

The writer Michael takes a room for 28 days. Not a month, 28 days!

Director: Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon / 10 minutes / 2005 / The South

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Attack Back WP

On a planet in a galaxy not so far away, good fights evil in this minature special effects fest.

Director: Jerald Battye (assisted by Tim & Vanda) / 1:20 minute / 2005 / Yorkshire
The Trojan Horse

Stop-motion animation based on the short story by Raymond Queneau. In a back street Parisian bar an anonymous couple meet to discuss their desperate financial situation. A chance encounter with another of the bars customers reveals a darker side to their solution. But have they said too much?

Director: Matt Palmer / 7:30 minutes / 2004 / Lancashire
The Hunters Moon WP

On the evening of the Hunters Moon every year Mr Fox visits the Waggon & Horses and fireworks ensue. This documentary reveals the extraordinary pagentry of the Mr Fox ensemble.

Director: Tim Copsey / 4:30 minutes / 2005 / Yorkshire

Black Day to Freedom

Cutting edge animation techniques illustrate the experiences of asylum seekers and the global challenges posed by emigration and cultural assimilation in this moving film.

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Director: Rob Chiu / 4 minutes / 2005 / Yorkshire

Particle Man

Reminiscent of a Len Lye film, this modern animation uses motion capture to create a dancing figure who whirls, explodes and spins in a shower of pixels.

Director: Kirk Woolford / 2:18 minutes / 2003 / Holland
<bodytext> WP

This interactive piece ran throughout the intermission. Imagery of a dancer is cut-up and displaced by a computer program controlled by the movement of the dancer, creating a process whereby movement and its visualisation are a function of one another.

Director: Simon Biggs & Sue Hawksley / infinite / 2005 / Yorkshire

Four Wheels Down

Dude, think you can skateboard? Well you can’t, not like this guy. Flatland Freestyler Daniel Gesmer shows how it should be done.

Director: Daniel Gesmer / 3 minutes / 2002 / America

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You bet it’s a daft idea

A potholer and a fell runner race to settle a wager. Benny Hill with wellies!

Director: Sid Perou and Martin Baines / 4 minutes / 2005 / Yorkshire

Mandragora WP

A trippy love story between two plants set in the 17th century, reminiscent of the early work by Czechoslovak animator Jan Svankmajer.

Director: Alex Hislop / 3:30 minutes / 2005 / Yorkshire
The Good, The Bad and The Chorley

A Lancashire hot-pot Western! The scenes are direct reinterpretations from the original Spaghetti Westerns. Winner, second place, at the Tromafling Independent Film Festival in Edinburgh.

Director: Krystal Gault / 15 minutes / 2005
We have a total 100 percent commitment to end user satisfaction through an ongoing value realisation buy-in ... WP

A short film about communication which wittily demonstrates the utter banality of corporate speak.

Director: Tim Copsey / 2 minutes / 2005 / Yorkshire

We are the boredom WP

Tutu... check, roller skates... check, gasmask... check!

Director: Helen Street & Alex Woolner / 3:20 minutes / 2005 / Birmingham

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Two young Japanese tourists in London on a Summers day. When Taro fails to pay Keiko attention, she gives up and goes off on her own.

Director: Sasha Yeytushenko / 9:54 minutes / 2005 / Japan / London
Task 3 - Sorry Tree

An Englishwoman apologising in a Norwegian wood, “I was set the following task: keep apologising while swinging from a tree, think of Esther Williams. This is my filmed response.”

Director: Clare Thornton / 2:11 minutes / 2005 / Oslo
Some films we couldn’t fit into the programme, others just came late - so we had a late session (lock-in) where the stragglers could watch some of the more wild, long or unusual submissions. WE did however award an old candlestick to the best of fringe - the winner was Joe Mattey for J Hawkins-Hawkins Hawkins
J Hawkins-Hawkins Hawkins WP

Live story telling from the future - which you could let your mother watch.

Director: J Hawkins-Hawkins Hawkins / 10 minutes / 2005 / London
Castleton - May Bank 2004 WP

For hundreds of years Castleton in Derbyshire has celebrated May day by making a big bloke wear loads of flowers and ride around the villiage on a huge horse.

Director: Dan Chamberlain / 4 minutes / 2005 / Leicester / Derbyshire
Dubplate Drama WP

Pirate radio land where a woman rapper competes in a mans world - this is a pilot of an interactive soap shortly to be aired on Channel 4 and MTV.

Fashion Designer: Vexed Generation / 12 minutes / 2005 / London
Stolen Smile

Sarah Wells lives her life unnoticed, rejected by her father and everyone in her school. Wanted by no-one living her life through poetry.
Year of Production: 2004
Running Time: 9 minutes 48 seconds

Director: The Lyrical Lizards, staff and students of Sir Frank Markham Community School and Finola Geraghty / Milton Kynes
My Yacht 

A wannabe filmmaker Ben at the Cannes Film Festival pretends to be a yacht owning big producer in order to try to impress a hopeful actress Laura. His plan works well to start with, but she eventually sees through his facade, and he discovers that she has a secret as well.

Director: Huck Melnick, Jeremy Herman / 29 minutes / 2005 / Cannes
Anitra’s Dance

A day-in-the-life documentary gives a poetic glimpse of the famous dairy farm at Longley in Holmfirth.

Director: Chris Squire / 4 minutes / 2005 / Yorkshire
Digging at Pay Sank

Filmed on the actual day that Bradford Pothole Club breaksthrough Pay Sank and make a fabulous discovery.

Director: Dave Haigh & Martin Baines / 10 minutes / 2005 / Yorkshire