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  2014 TDF

Another amazing festival, entries from Canada, Norway and all over the UK. 98 people saw 25 films over two nights, we didn't even have room for a fringe! This year the audience voted for their favourite - Sad Song by Alan Hanwell, his second ever film; using a hand held camera, he made a "musical cartoon" - a series of drawings laid out on his dining room table. This film beautifully illustrates that you don't need a big budget, you don't need state of the art kit, all you need is a good story and a passion to communicate, the audience felt this and even sang along with his film! Thanks to everyone who submitted a film, everyone who came to the festival and everyone who helped make LiFF. You can watch the winning entry this year too! Scrollright, or click here...

LiFF asked for open submissions again this year and the response was amazing; professionals, artists and amateurs, local and international, the funded and the unfundable sent their films. Young film makers that we encouraged five years ago are now forging their own careers in the film world. Rob Chui winner of the audience prize in 2005 is now designing screen graphics for BBC2s ‘The Truth about Food’ (Thursday 9pm). Our themes were costume drama and food and as ever they were mostly ignored. And as always we asked you the audience to vote for your favourite film.

We would like to thank for their invaluable and welcome help: Impossible Theatre, Kirk Woolford, Alex Hislop, mptye, Langsett Community Media and of course everyone at the Waggon & Horses.

WP - World Premiere
YP - Yorkshire Premiere


What happens when you decide to make a film about the first word found at random from a dictionary? Comedy in it's purest form.

Director: Alex Hislop & Ed Roebuck / 3:20 minutes / 2006
Ladies Skirt Nailed to a Fence

While Hollywood was little more than a one horse town the Bamforth family of Holmfirth were delighting audiences with their films. This one contains a curious example of a cut showing a different point of view and some cross dressing.

Director: Bamforth / 1:05 minutes / 1900
Dudey Movie

Will our two superheros save the future of Holmfirth film? Last summer, Impossible Theatre worked with an enthusiastic group of young film makers in Holmfirth. This, the resulting ‘feature’ takes inspiration from the Bamforth movies and proves that the valley’s talent is as strong as ever.

Director: Impossible Theatre / 10 minutes / 2006
Will.0.w1sp WP

Will-o’-the-Whisp, Les Eclaireux, Candelas, nearly every
culture has a name for the mysterious blue white lights
seen drifting through marshes and meadows in the evening.
Whether they are lights of trooping faeries, wandering souls,
or glowing swamp gas, they all exhibit the same behavior.
They dance just ahead of people, but when approached,
they vanish and reappear just out of reach.


Director: Kirk Woolford / 3 minute / 2006
The Karmic Wheel of Doo Doo

...a short tale about minding your own business.

Director: Richard & Robert Hull / 3 minute / 2006

Not Just an Ugly Face

The World Gurning Championships are held at the Egremont Crab Fair in the Lake District in a tradition dating back to 1266... but there is a new kid on the block... This documentary captures what happens when local traditions and community clash with modern culture.

Director: Raj Yagnik / 10:03 minutes / 2005

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5EEEEE Numbers WP

Two young scientists take on two Huge coloured sweets in the spirit of research into E numbers.

Director: Vanda Battye / 1:40 minutes / 2007
Busking Wolf

How quickly fortunes can turn. A morality tale about a wolf who accidentally finds his fortune.

Director: Alex Hislop & Ed Roebuck / 3:30 minutes / 2006
A Hiss in the Wind

Two ramblers are forced to face up to the terrible truth about swans. “They’re protected!” The American werewolf in London remade as the Nottinghamshire wereswan in... you get the picture.

Director: Owen Davies / 3 minutes / 2006

Sad Song WP

After great success in 2005 with their debut film, this is the second offering from Anvil Studios - a musical cartoon, in which a forlorn mother loses a skinny child.

Download the film, we recommend the windows media.
windows media

Director: Alan Hanwell / 2:37 minutes / 2007

The Would-be Conjuror

In which a simple farmer mistakenly believes he can conjure riches from his wife’s nose! Contains cross dressing and mild domestic violence.

Director: Bamforths / 1 minutes / 1900

wind water stone YP

We are completely surrounded by harmonies of nature, these moments eternally wash over us and we have no choice but to smile...

Director: Kevin Evensen / 2:05 minutes / 2006
Boys Sliding

This film was made 107 years ago and shows how little has changed - it captures the exhilaration and pure excitement felt by children when it snows.

Director: Bamforths / 1 minutes / 1900
Hand of God / Hover

As a precursor to Dudey Movie shown earlier, Impossible Theatre ran a number of fun film making workshops for young people in Holmfirth - these are just two of many very short film “wonders”.

Director: Impossible Theatre / 55 seconds / 2006
Nose Hair

Her boyfriend never wants to do anything with her, he doesn’t like her friends and that one, long, nose hair is really beginning to annoy her...

Director: James Sharpe / 3 minutes / 2006
Lux Aeterna WP

Set in a very grim future, the four inhabitants of a rural smallholding find their world in danger of being destroyed from the inside by the very forces that brought about the decline of civilization as they once knew it.

Director: Alex Hislop / 15 minutes / 2007
Falling Down YP

An ordinary window blind is transformed into a homemade guillotine. In this way an angry film maker executes innocent pedestrians. Reminiscent of the Alain Robbe-Grillet novel La jalousie.

Director: Jan Hakon Erichsen / 53 seconds / 2006

Puppet Access TV

Daytime TV - Quiz shows, police drama, celebrity chat, holiday makeover DIY reality flog it roadshows all mixed up with puppets and a wicked sense of humour.

Director: Raj Yagnik / 5:00 minutes / 2006

Jerry Builder

A light intolerant monk needs his gazebo thatching, but two cowboy builders string him along until the sad and inevitable end. A fable in verse.

Director: Alex Hislop & Ed Roebuck / 2 minutes / 2005
The Night we Killed a Fox

A tale of male bonding. Armed with a pellet rifle two friends and James who tags along, spend the night walking the cold empty streets searching for a fox.

Director: Sarmad Masud / 11:08 minutes / 2006

Better Life WP

One man dreams of a “better life” in a virtual world. A music video shot entirely in SecondLife - a 3D virtual world, built and owned by it’s residents, it even has it’s own currency. Music by Angry Man.


Director: Robbie Dingo aka Rob Wright / 5 minutes / 2006

Relatively Close Call

The phone rings, his battery is about to run out, he left his charger at home and he’s coming back for it ... but she is still in bed, and she’s not alone!

Director: Cheryl Marshall / 3 minutes / 2006
Baby on Board

A hair raising, pulse stopping race through traffic.

Director: Shaun Mechen / 3 minutes / 2006
Hail Smiling Morn WP

A hymn within a hymn, Hail Smiling Morn celebrates a traditional way of Yorkshire life, now sadly dying out.

Director: Alex Hislop / 3 minutes / 2007