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  2014 TDF

An exciting festival this year, lots of films from the UK and an emphasis on local film makers past and present. Plus the usual mix of animation, drama, documentary and one or two curiosities that defy categorisation. Thanks to everyone who submitted a film, everyone who came to the festival and everyone who helped make LiFF a fantastic evening.

We would like to thank for their invaluable and welcome help:

Waggon and Horses & the Battye Family

All the filmmakers, past and present

Ashley, Ed, Gail, Jan, Shane, Tanya and Vanda - the selection committee

Lumen, Chris at Impossible Theatre, Sound by Russ Smith, Yorkshire Film Archive and the Cambridge 8mm festival

And everyone that got in touch about Vixen films: Roy Alders, Ted Belamy, Les Walker and Steve Woodcock.

WP - World Premiere
YP - Yorkshire Premiere


The rhythm of a train journey in a fusion of music and image

Director: Tatianan Konstantinova. Russia / 2:00 / 2008
The Holmfirth Tiger

Archive film about two extraordinary Holmfirth ladies and their exotic pet

Yorkshire Film Archive. UK / 5:20

Trousers WP

Two extraverts meet in an ally...

Director: Alex Hislop & Ed Roebuck. UK
/ 1:00 / 2009

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Dr Simpo - God's Own Barmy Army

A very important individual called George stumbles on an even more important book!

Director: Dr. Simpo. UK
/ 1:00
Short on Luck

A man, down on his luck, resorts to crime...

Director: Iris Bagola, Elif Isokozlu, Geo Pal. Canada
/ 1:33 / 2007


Mike's cosy afternoon coffee is turned upside down by one little word, 'daddy'.

Director: Stuart Elliot. UK / 4:48

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Lucky Day

A day in which dreams almost, but not quite, come true.

Director: Laura Amante. Spain / 1:30 / 2009

The Interview

A radical solution for helping the
long-term unemployed.

Director: Richard Higson. UK / 4:49 / 2008

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An explorer goes in search of uncharted lands beyond the already well-trodden realms of the atlas.

Director: Ryan Braund. UK / 4:00

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The Empty Dam

During the intense summer of 1958, Derwent reservoir dried up and revealed a once flooded village.

Director: Vixen Films. UK / 3:45


Musings on the art of putting things off.

Director: Johnny Kelly. UK
Duration: 4:15

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Keep Taking the Tablets YP

The third film from Anvil studios; a journalistic tale of clean living.

Director: Alan Hanwell. UK / 2:58 / 2009
Short Stop

A cautionary tale on the perils of drink driving, a thundering jazz soundtrack is provided by, amongst others, Mick Shore (some may remember him from when Maureen and Cyril had the Flouch). Made in the 60s around Stocksbridge and Langsett.

Director: Vincent Edgar & John Hoyland. UK / 9:00
A Man of Letters

A film for those who have something to say but haven't quite got round to saying it.

Director: Tom Turley. UK / 6:36 / 2008

The Clock

A clock, an old man and his son. A meditation on time passing.

Director: David Sipos. Slovenia / 10:00

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Little White Wires

A man watching TV, is confronted by a familiar face.

Director: Massimo Amici. Canada / 5:00
Made YP
They're twins, it's their birthday - one of them is 'Made' - the other is just too nice.

Director: Shane Grogan & Ed Roebuck. UK / 4:40 / 2009

The Flasher

Surrealist street furniture fights back.

Magnus Irvin. UK / 4:00 / 2006

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Awaiting image

Unwanted Visitor

A young couple surprise a burglar and have to deal with the consequences.

Director: Marc Burton. UK / 4:25 / 2005

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Knur and Spell

Informative guide to this ancient form of Yorkshire golf - NB this film ends abruptly.

Yorkshire Film Archive. UK / 5:10

You really must watch this film!


films by Mr. Dennis Leather
During the intermission we will show a series of films shot in the 50s, 60s and 70s by the Stocksbridge film maker, Dennis Leather