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  2014 TDF

Our 2012 programme was slightly depressing according to one or two audience members (we admit there were quite a few films about suicide, we blame the banks!) so this year we've looked for comedy and life afirming animation and the audience wasn't dissapointed.

This year also proved to be incredibly busy on account of the Tour de France choosing to go through Langsett. It was an amazing weekend and we celebrated this incredible event with a special film festival with a programme dedicated to sport (well almost!).

WP - World Premiere
UKP - United Kingdom Premiere
- Yorkshire Premiere

The Dive

Dir: Christophe Battarel FRANCE
Drama - 10.00

Thirteen years old, on the edge of adulthood, a boy on a diving board faces the unknown.

Money Shot

Dir: Graham Gunner ENGLAND
Comedy - 4.40

An ebay seller discovers his camera has magical powers.

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Autumn Leaves

Dir: Patrick De Carvalho FRANCE
Animation - 10.00

Abel lives in the Winter, Apolline the Summer. This is a beautiful story of the cycle of nature and the nature of love.


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A Roost for Every Bird

Dir: Jack Wormell
Experimental documentary - 5.45

See, this is London!

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Something for Nothing

Dir: Andrew Brand ENGLAND
Drama - 5.00

Huh! The youth of today! But maybe we are too quick to judge?

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Ex Animo

Dir: Anna Waszczuk POLAND
Animation - 7.00

A sheet of paper, a glass, an animator. An incredibly halucinatory look at a moment in time.


The Director

Dir :Will Herbert ENGLAND
Comedy - 11.00

Kevin and Emma are actors, and are unprepared for an unconventional first rehearsal of a new play.

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Three Cheers for Penistone!

Dir: Tim Copsey
Sport documentary - 10.00

Tug-O-War used to be an Olympic sport you know?



Dir: Will Herbert ENGLAND
Comedy - 7.00

The story of a man trying to return his girlfriends belongings with the help of his trusty companion.

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Tell me About Yourself

Dir: Simon O'Neill IRELAND
Comedy - 6.45

Actor, Steve, has to make an audition video. Watch out there's some swearing!

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And on he Walks

Dir: Elad Keidan
Dark comedy - 10.00

A father is filming his family on the beach... when, in the background, a couple start to argue. An amazing single shot film that looks at the journey of life in a profound way.


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Guys Girls

Dir: Liam Engle
Sex comedy - 13.00

What if men were the weaker sex?


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Very special thanks:

The Waggon & Horses and Battye Family

All the filmmakers, past and present

Tim, Vanda and Pip the Dog - the selection committee.


Chris at Impossible Theatre

Holmfirth Film Festival

And you the audience






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